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The picture shows the definition of an introduction.

🎓 What Is an Essay Introduction?

An essay introduction is the first paragraph that goes before the main body and describes the text's goals. It can have various functions depending on the essay's topic and objective.

In general, an introduction aims to do the following:

  • Justify the relevance of the selected topic.
  • Outline how the essay will discuss the subject.
  • Point out questionable or underexplored aspects of the topic.

Introduction Parts Explained

An essay introduction consists of 4 parts. These parts are vital because they form the basis for the upcoming main body of an essay.

The parts of the introduction are:

  1. 1-3 sentences with essential background information on the main topic.

    To ensure that your audience understands the context behind the essay's topic, start your introduction with an overview of all the essential aspects that come along with it. Remember that this is only a minor portion of the opening paragraph: there's no need to write a whole section of background material.

  2. An explanation of any specific words that will be used in the essay.

    Note that it doesn’t mean quoting dictionary definitions. You must explain in your own words any key terms that need clarification.

  3. A plan outlining how the essay will respond to the prompt.

    Clearly state how your essay's main arguments will lead to your conclusion. It’s like a short version (or a roadmap) of the paper.

  4. A statement endorsing your views.

    Clarifying the author's position on the essay's subject is essential before proceeding to the arguments. Briefly describe what you think about the topic and its problem.

✍️ How to Write an Introduction Effectively

A good introduction should serve as a bridge that will lead your reader to the main body of your essay. It must ignite their curiosity and provide enough background about the topic.

The picture enumerates the steps to writing an essay introduction.

Keep reading to learn how to write an effective introduction!

Start with a Hook

An essay hook is a sentence or a short paragraph that grabs the reader's attention and makes them interested in your topic. There are several types of hooks you can use. Make sure to choose one that compliments the subject of your paper.

Hook type Explanation
📝 Anecdote A brief story illustrating the topic. It can be humorous or dramatic.
❔ Question A question that encourages your audience to think about the essay's theme. It can be rhetorical (without an answer) or a direct question that the reader can try to answer.
💬 Quotation A quote from an influential person or a relevant source. It should provide insight or perspective on the essay’s topic.
📊 Fact or statistics A shocking piece of statistics that highlights the issue’s relevance or a fact that challenges the reader's assumptions.

Provide the Background

Background information refers to the context or history surrounding the topic in question. It can include information about the subject matter, the time period, the cultural or social context, or any relevant events or trends related to the topic you will discuss.

Write a Thesis Statement

The entire structure of an essay is based on the thesis statement. It defines the purpose of an essay and enumerates the main arguments that will follow.

These are the characteristics of a well-written thesis statement:

  • It presents a position that others could disagree with.
  • A good thesis clearly and concisely states the main idea of an essay.
  • It must be clear and detailed but not longer than a couple of sentences.
  • It is located in the last sentence of an essay’s introduction.

Edit Your Introduction

After creating your introduction, you need to ensure it passes the quality check. Here is the checklist that will help you determine whether your intro is good enough.

✂️ The introduction paragraph should have manageable length. It’s usually around 1/3 of the overall essay’s text.

🎯 It should be straight to the point. Avoid providing useless information, or your readers will get bored or annoyed.

🧐 An introduction shouldn’t include complicated words, jargon, and complicated grammar. Make sure your professor and fellow students will be able to understand it.

❌ A paraphrased topic won’t do as an introduction or as a thesis statement.

💡 Examples of Essay Introductions

We've prepared some awesome examples on various topics to help you understand what makes a good introduction. Check them out!

Abortion Essay Introduction

Abortion is an issue that causes strong emotions and fiery discussions in American society. Currently, abortion is legalized in many countries and recognized as a basic human right. The legalization of abortion has saved many lives because illegal abortions lead to unprofessional surgical intervention, which is very dangerous. But, at the same time, legalization has brought a new wave of social disputes. This essay will cover the advantages and disadvantages of legalizing abortion.

This introduction provides a clear overview of the topic as well as explains why the issue is important. It provides a good foundation for the essay but could be improved by adding a more engaging hook.

Romeo and Juliet Essay Introduction

Shakespeare's timeless classic Romeo and Juliet has been capturing the hearts of audiences for centuries. It is a tragic tale of two young lovers from feuding families. The play explores themes of love, rivalry, and the consequences of impulsive decisions. Despite being written over 400 years ago, the themes and characters of this tragedy continue to resonate with audiences today. In this essay, we will examine the complex characters of Romeo and Juliet and explore the themes that have made this play a classic.

This example highlights the enduring appeal of Romeo and Juliet and why it continues to be relevant today. It also briefly touches on some of the play's central themes.

Leadership Essay Introduction

"Leadership begins with the personal qualities of a leader." This saying belongs to Franz Hesselbein, a well-known specialist in the field of leadership and motivation. Indeed, many traits can ease one's path to leadership. This essay will analyze the qualities that make a person a better leader.

The introduction for a leadership essay is concise and to the point. It begins with a quote from a well-known motivation specialist that sets the essay's tone.

Bullying Essay Introduction

According to the World Health Organization, at least one in five teenagers has experienced bullying. Other sources cite an even more alarming number: 40% of teenagers. Bullying takes many forms and can have severe consequences for those who experience it. In this essay, we will examine the roots of bullying and explore the factors that contribute to its persistence.

The introduction starts by highlighting the impact of the virus and the significant changes it has brought to our world. It goes on to explore the impact of COVID-19 beyond the physical toll, noting its effect on our collective psyche.

COVID-19 Essay Introduction

Since its emergence in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on our world. What began as a local outbreak quickly grew into a global pandemic, forcing millions of people to adapt to a new reality of social distancing and isolation. But beyond the physical toll, COVID-19 has also significantly impacted our collective psyche. In this essay, we will explore how our perceptions of this disease have evolved over time.

The introduction starts by highlighting the impact of the virus and the significant changes it has brought to our world. It goes on to explore the impact of COVID-19 beyond the physical toll, noting its effect on the collective psyche.

Immigration Essay Introduction

Immigration is a complex issue that has shaped societies throughout history. In today's world, the movement of people across borders is a topic of intense debate, with arguments for and against it. On the one hand, immigration is seen as an opportunity for individuals to improve their lives and for countries to benefit from the skills and talents of newcomers. On the other hand, there are such issues as cultural integration, economic inequality, and national security. In this essay, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of modern-day immigration.

This introduction example provides specific information about the topic of modern-day immigration, such as its history and impact.

And with that being said, it’s time to conclude this article. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our examples. Want even more samples to boost your inspiration? Use our essay introduction generator! It will give you many more well-formulated introductions on any possible topic for free.

Go for it and have fun!

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❓ Essay Introduction Generator FAQ

A strong introduction is a crucial component of any academic essay. It lays out your case and lets the reader know what to anticipate. A good introduction must to the following:

  • Grasp the reader's interest.
  • Provide a background for the essay’s subject.
  • Declare the essay's thesis, which serves as its foundation.

A good introduction for an essay should include the following:

  • An attention-grabbing hook.
  • Detailed background information.
  • A claim that clearly summarizes the essay's main point
  • A brief roadmap of what it will be about.

To write an introduction, follow these steps:

  1. Write a catchy hook sentence.
  2. Provide a background on the essay’s main topic.
  3. Conclude your intro with a thesis statement outlining the essay's goal and key points.

The average introduction should consist of 3 to 5 sentences. Typically, you would aim for a word count of 50 to 80 words. Overall, an introduction should engage the reader and provide a clear direction for the essay. Make it as long as necessary to achieve these goals.

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