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👍 SOAR Analysis Explained

SOAR analysis is a strategic framework for determining a company’s Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results. It helps to develop an efficient management model that takes into consideration the firm’s position in the marketplace and stakeholders’ desires.

The picture shows the components of SOAR analysis.

SOAR is unique because it includes some tangible goals that can become effective success drives. The framework identifies aspirations and desired business outcomes. Thus, it can help managers develop a powerful strategy for achieving the established aims.

🤔 Questions for SOAR Analysis

Now, let’s see how to examine each element of SOAR in more detail. The following questions will help you in conducting the analysis:

💪 Strengths:

📈 Opportunities:

🚀 Aspirations:

  • What is the ultimate goal of the company?
  • What value can it bring to the customers?

💡 Results:

  • How can the company make its aspirations measurable?
  • What are the exact numbers or rates that need to be achieved?

📑 SOAR Analysis Example

We have prepared an example SOAR analysis for an electric vehicle brand. Here is what the framework looks like in action:



  • Growing demand
  • Expanding the network
  • Collaboration with green organizations



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❓ SOAR Template FAQ

SOAR is an analysis that helps evaluate a company’s position in the industry alongside the shareholders’ expectations. It is a practical business framework for setting the firm’s goals and developing a strategy for achieving the desired results.

Conducting a SOAR analysis helps develop a management strategy and identify a company's goals. Besides, this framework allows for exploring new market initiatives, focusing efforts and resources in the right direction, and developing a clear organizational strategy.

SOAR combines the data concerning the company’s position in the market with the business owners’ expectations. An accurate SOAR analysis helps managers to use the firm’s potential to the fullest and satisfy the shareholders’ desires.

Unlike most other business analyses, SOAR includes measurable factors that make the framework more valuable. Moreover, SOAR is straightforward and easy to understand. Using our SOAR analysis template makes the writing process go smoother!

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