Topic Sentence Generator for Essay

This part will serve as the subject of the topic sentence.
Make the predicate aligned with the subject.
Add a preposition if needed.
Add a preposition if needed.
Topic sentence example:

Writing a topic sentence may not always be easy. These phrases should be concise and clear while at the same time reflecting the gist of your entire paragraphs. If you’re confused with this task, please consider using our body paragraph topic sentence generator.

🔢 Topic Sentence Generator: How to Use It?

The simple yet smart AI-based tool works as follows:

  • Determine the topic of your paragraph in general terms.
  • Formulate a controlling idea – what you want to argue about the topic.
  • Stipulate in which area (state, city, country) you want to conduct a study.
  • State the time period of your interest.

The last two points are optional – you may develop a worthy topic sentence even with the first two points. Try this free tool to feel the benefits of quick, automated topic sentence generation and free up some study time for other tasks or leisure.

🤩 Topic Sentence Generator: The 5 Benefits

Our topic sentence generator for essays features many benefits:

⏰️ Quick The topic sentence maker will provide the best results in the shortest time possible.
🎯 Precise The tool will construct a custom topic sentence based on the data you add.
🎓 Made for students The topic sentence generator was specifically designed for educational purposes.
🍭 Inspiring The tool will construct a perfect topic sentence that will help you get rid of writer’s block.
🆓 Free You can enjoy the instrument free of charge; no registration is needed.

📝 What Is a Topic Sentence?

A topic sentence is the opening sentence of every new paragraph that communicates:

  • Its topic;
  • The main guiding (or controlling) idea of its content.

It gives a broad introduction to the new subtopic to let the reader understand what content will be presented in this section of the text.

The picture defines topic sentences in academic writing.


The topic sentence is general enough to allow the author to present varied pieces of evidence and argue their points from various perspectives.

At the same time:

The writer should make a topic sentence specific enough to eliminate confusion and clarify what the following content will be about. This way, topic sentences structure the content and give better structuring to every separate paragraph in the essay’s body.

Given these purposes and functions of topic sentences, they need to do the following to be effective:

  • Lay out the subject of discussion in the concrete paragraph.
  • Communicate the author’s position on that point.
  • Create suspense and a desire to read further.
  • Avoid too narrow or too fuzzy statements.

Topic Sentence vs. Thesis Statement

Many beginner writers consume the thesis statement with topic sentence elements of their essays.

The picture illustrates the difference between a topic sentence and a thesis statement.

Overall, they may look identical to some, but their scope of coverage is different.

  • A topic sentence describes what will follow in a particular paragraph.
  • A thesis statement is provided in the introductory section to show what the entire essay will be about.

In other words:

A thesis statement is a topic sentence for the whole essay (if it is unified into one long paragraph).

Because of the broader scope of a thesis statement, you may often take it and divide it into segments, which will further lay the basis for your topic sentences.

For instance, look at this thesis statement:

The countries of Africa have for a long time been blocked in their development because of corruption, ineffective aid distribution, and the wrong focus of humanitarian assistance made in the interests of Western states, not African ones.

This is a broad thesis arguing that there are three core reasons for the limited economic development of African states in the past decades.

We can develop 3 topic sentences from this thesis to make three content paragraphs about each cause:

  1. Corruption is the first reason that prevented economic development in many states despite large financial inflows of Western aid.
  2. Another reason is the inefficient aid distribution, with many pressing needs remaining unaddressed for decades.
  3. Finally, it’s vital not to ignore the use of humanitarian aid by Western states in a way that keeps Africa a weak, passive consumer.

➗️ Topic Sentence Formula

The generic formula for a topic sentence’s formulation is:

Topic + controlling idea + geographical scope + timeframe

Let’s stop on each of them in more detail:

Topic This is the main subject of your writing. It should typically be a noun or a noun phrase denoting what exactly you’re interested in.
Controlling idea It is a limitation of the subject’s scope and the main argument you have on the topic.
Geographical scope This is the place you want to focus on; it may be the USA, North America, the whole world, etc.
Timeframe This part sets the time boundaries for your scope of analysis – whether it’s a historical analysis of some period, a present-day study, or a look into the future.

✍️ Topic Sentence Types

Since topic sentences play the role of signposts in academic texts, it’s vital to understand the variety of their forms to use the tool skillfully.

You may employ the following 4 types in your writing.

Compound Sentences

These sentences are complex in structure because they commonly contain a piece of content from the previous paragraph and a denotation of this paragraph’s content, thus linking them together.

Though African states have witnessed remarkably low economic progress over the past century, they have still been in the spotlight of international humanitarian aid and support.


Putting a question at the beginning of a new paragraph is a great way to capture the readers’ attention and encourage them to read on to find the answer.

What barriers have African states faced in their economic development despite such huge financial inflows?


A bridge is simpler in structure than a complex sentence. Yet, it also links the previous and the current paragraphs with key points.

There are several probable explanations for the economic development bottleneck.

Pivotal Points

You can improve readability by giving an introductory sentence and then reverting it with a pivot. It’s a surprise factor that readers will love.

African states have seen $300 billion of financing a year, every year, for four decades. Yet, the effect of these financial inflows was more than limited; it was close to zero.

Thank you for reading this article! If you’re looking for a way to generate a thesis statement for an essay or research paper, try our specialized instrument!

❓ Topic Sentence Generator FAQ

A topic sentence is a statement that begins every new body paragraph and communicates its main idea. In other words, this sentence encapsulates the topic of the following paragraph and argues a point that the paragraph’s content will prove.

What is a good topic sentence? It should be concrete enough to determine the main argument of the body paragraph and, at the same time, general enough to allow the author freedom to give various arguments.

For example, if you’re composing a paper about child obesity, you can divide the content of your body paragraphs with the following three topic sentences:

  1. The causes of obesity are genetic, but only in part.
  2. Nutrition also affects the risk of obesity to a large degree.
  3. Regardless of the dominant risk factors, parents should take preventive measures to reduce obesity in their children.

Our free and simple topic sentence generator for essay projects is an online tool that can create topic sentence prompts and examples with a minimum of input information. Just state the topic and your controlling idea; the tool will give you results.

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