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Online Summary Generator

Brilliant and thorough summary of any text is possible with the help of a new free online summarizer. A huge text in two sentences – just click twice!

Thesis Statement Generator

It is easy to create a coherent and convincing thesis with our online tool! Just fill all of the forms and enjoy the result.

Essay Topic Generator

Essay Topics & Speech Topics for any subject! Free online tool – no registration required! Brilliant ideas for your paper in a few clicks!

Compare to a Famous Writer

Free writing kit presents a writing style checker. Submit your piece of writing and have it matched with the writing style of a legend!

Sentence Rewriter

Are you tired of rewording texts over and over? Submit a piece of content into this tool and get a rewritten version in seconds!

Title Page Generator

Forget about the hassle of writing a proper title page with our online tool! Provide all the necessary information, and your title page will be ready in an instant!

Essay Conclusion Generator

Struggling wit the conclusion for your paper? Use our free essay conclusion generator to make an outstanding closing paragraph.

Essay Paraphraser

Use this tool and find new ways to express your thoughts. Our paraphraser allows you to select the percentage of changed words in the resulting text.

Read My Essay

If you’re preparing a speech and want to hear how it sounds—use this tool! It will read your text aloud, giving you the chance to make necessary edits beforehand.

Plagiarism Detector

The most accurate tool for plagiarism detection has been found! Here it is! Use our online plagiarism detector and create 100% original content.

Research Question Generator

Are you looking for inspiring research questions? Add the information into this question generator and get ideas in a click.

Hypothesis Generator

Need to get a well-formulated hypothesis quickly? With our hypothesis generator, you’ll come up with it instantly.

SWOT Analysis Creator

Make a beautiful SWOT analysis report online with our tool. Just add the necessary information and choose a free template you like most.

PESTEL Report Creator

If you’re looking for a free PESTEL template, you’re in the right place. Make a PESTEL analysis in a couple of clicks! No registration is needed.

PEST Analysis Maker

With our free PEST analysis software, you’ll make a beautiful chart in seconds. Just fill in the blank fields and choose your favorite template.

VRIO Analysis Creator

Try our online tool with a collection of beautiful free VRIO templates. Add the required information and download your customized chart.

SOAR Analysis Creator

It is easy to make a SOAR report with our online tool. It contains a collection of beautiful templates; just choose the one you like most.

Porter’s 5 Forces Maker

Try this free Porter’s 5 Forces tool and make a beautiful report. The hardest thing is to choose your favorite template from our collection!

Informative Thesis Maker

Our informative thesis statement generator is a perfect solution! Just enter the required information and download the result instantly.

Analytical Thesis Maker

Check our free analytical thesis statement generator. This online tool for students will make your essay writing process quick & enjoyable.

Comparative Thesis Maker

Struggling with writing the thesis statement for your compare and contrast essay? Our online thesis generator is here to help you out.

AI Text Finder

With our GPT-3 AI detector, you’ll easily find out if a piece of content was generated automatically or written by a human.

All-in-One Reference Maker

Welcome to our versatile and user-friendly citation machine! The tool will easily generate in-text citations and references in various styles.

APA Reference Maker

Why waste time consulting the APA style guidelines? Use this tool to create perfectly formatted APA 7 references and in-text citations.

MLA Reference Maker

Stop constantly checking MLA style requirements. Try this reference generator instead. Create correct MLA 9 citations easily!

Harvard Reference Maker

If you need to quickly prepare Harvard references, search no further. The tool we’ve made will save you time, effort, and money.

Chicago Reference Maker

Speed up the process of preparing Chicago-style references and citations. Our machine will complete the task automatically!

Turabian Bibliography Maker

Generate a perfectly formatted Turabian bibliography list in a moment! It is easy with our free online citation generator.

Nonprofit Mission Generator

If you're looking for a nonprofit mission statement generator, look no further! With this tool's assistance, you will create a mission statement in just a few clicks.

Nonprofit Vision Generator

Check out our nonprofit vision statement generator! Fill in the fields, click the button, and get a perfectly formulated statement—just like that!

Problem Statement Maker

With this free tool, generating a problem statement will be a breeze! Complete just a few simple steps and let our problem statement maker do the rest.

Attention Grabber Maker

Get here countless attention grabbers for essays! Make your essay stand out with the help of our attention grabber generator.

Introduction Generator

Generate an amazing summary using this online tool. With our awesome intro generator, essay writing will become a breeze!

Rhetorical Analysis Tool

If you’re stuck, check our rhetorical analysis generator! Useful tips and rhetorical analysis examples are a nice bonus.

Quote Meaning Generator

Looking for a way to conduct quotation analysis? Try out this quote meaning generator! Get over your writer’s block with us.

Outline Generator

Try out this free essay outline generator! It will quickly make a plan for your academic writing assignment.

Poem Analysis Tool

If you’re stuck, check our online poem analysis tool! Useful tips, techniques, and poetry analysis examples are a nice bonus.

AI Essay Writer

If you’re looking for an essay sample, try our Chat GPT essay writer. Just explain what you need, and the AI will do all the rest!

Topic Sentence Maker

Looking for a way to make a topic sentence for a body paragraph? This online tool will manage the task with ease and for free.

Speech Maker

If you’re looking for a way to make a speech quickly, try our online tool. Just add the necessary data, and the AI will do all the rest!

Transition Words Generator

Do you need an effective transition generator for essays? With this free tool, you’ll get a list of relevant words and phrases online.

Transition Phrase Generator

Looking for a free transition phrase generator? Add transitional phrases to your text or get transition phrase examples with ease.

Transition Sentence Generator

Looking for a tool to add transitions to your text? This transition sentence generator will quickly add transitional phrases and sentences to your essay.

Poem Generator

Looking for a way to generate a poem from a paragraph? This free online tool will quickly create a masterpiece from your prompt.

Personal Statement Maker

Need assistance with your personal statement? Try out this handy generator! With its help, you'll create an impressive statement in mere seconds.

Abstract Generator

Do you need to make an abstract in APA or another citation format? With this abstract generator APA, you’ll cope with the task easily.

Case Study Analysis Maker

Are you looking for a way to make case study answers quickly and for free? This online generator will get the job done in seconds.

Notes Generator

Are you looking for a way to convert text to notes? Our free generator will quickly make concise bullet points from an article or essay.

Key Points Summary Generator

This tool will provide you with a summary of any text’s key points. Simply submit your text and get the results in seconds!

Abstract Keywords Generator

This free online tool will help you find keywords in a research paper abstract or any other text. Use it right away—no registration needed!

Discussion Post Generator

Make a comprehensive discussion board post on a given topic quickly! Just add the information and get your result.

Essay Extender – Add Words

Wondering how to add words to an essay? Use this text extender to grow the word count of your paper or generate a new paragraph.

👏 Use Our Writing Tools to Enhance Your Paper!

🔢 Online Summary Generator

Use our fast and easy tool any time you need to summarize a text! Students always need to summarize something. First of all, the tool can be useful when you need to write a conclusion for your essay. Also, when you write literature reviews, you need to read and analyze tons of books and articles. In such cases, the tool is also handy.

To use our free summarizer, you need to copy-paste any text, click the button, and let it happen! The tool will highlight the article's critical points and form a clear and short summary.

❗ Thesis Statement Generator

A coherent and convincing thesis statement is one of the key success factors for any academic paper. It highlights the topic, shows its importance, and delivers your point of view on the issue studied. Stuck? Our tool is here to help! All you need to do is to fill the fields of our thesis generator, click the button, and enjoy the results!

💡 Essay Topic Generator

Choosing a topic is the starting point for almost every academic activity. This task is by no means a simple one. We offer you a solution: a completely free writing tool that helps generate topic ideas for any assignment type!

The first thing you need to do is to choose the type of text. It could be an essay, a blog post, a research paper, etc. Then choose a subject you are interested in. Finally, click the search button and see the list the tool will offer to you.

🌟 Compare to a Famous Writer

An excellent tool for those who love writing! Compare the way you write with the writing styles of recognized geniuses in one click. A statistical analysis tool will automatically compare your word choice with those of the famous writers. All you need to do is to copy and paste the piece of your text and then enjoy the results.

✒️ Sentence Rewriter

If you’re a student, you’re probably tired of summarizing and paraphrasing things. If so, our online tool will come to your aid. With this sentence rewriter, you’ll be able to paraphrase a paragraph or an article in seconds. No fees or registration required! All you need to do is download the text, click the button, and enjoy the results!

📚 Plagiarism Detector

Are you afraid of plagiarism in your academic papers? We feel your frustration. That is why our team has designed the perfect online plagiarism detector! It’s a user-friendly and helpful tool.

Just insert your text, wait for a while, and get an instant plagiarism report. Our system will check your text against billions of webpages and detect every single similarity. Plagiarism won’t be a threat to you anymore!

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