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The sample speech is AI-generated and should be used for reference purposes only.

Are you stuck with an assignment to write a speech for school and don’t know where to start? Worry no more; our instant speech maker will generate any type of speech within a few seconds. All you have to do is include all the necessary information, and this AI-powered tool will generate random speech results. It is a free and effective speech maker that saves you from long hours of research and writing.

🔢 Free Speech Generator: How to Use It?

To instantly make a speech, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Add the necessary details. Input the genre, topic, and purpose of the speech.
  • Customize if needed. This step is optional; if you want something special to be discussed in the body paragraph, add this information.
  • Get the result. The sample must be used for research and reference purposes only.

🤩 Instant Speech Maker: the 5 Benefits

Our instant speech maker can benefit students, researchers, and even corporate professionals. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of this free speech maker:

🆓 Free You can use this instant speech maker free of charge without paying any money. Besides, it is easy to use since it has a simple interface.
🎯 All-purpose This tool generates a wide array of custom-written speeches. Whether you want an informative, instructional, or entertaining speech, you will get accurate results.
🤖 AI-powered This tool uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology with programmed algorithms to generate powerful speeches. It factors in the topic and genre to produce great results.
⏰️ Quick You can get results quickly within seconds of using this tool.
🍭 Inspiring This free speech generator helps you get rid of writer’s block. You will get inspiring ideas for your speech, no matter how challenging.

💬 6 Speech Types

The first step in speech preparation is to understand the genre in which it should be written. This will help you choose the right topic, vocabulary, and content to present in your speech.

The picture explains what the first step in speech preparation is.

Let us explore some of the common speech genres.

Informative Speech

Informative speeches are meant to educate people on a specific subject or topic. You must use factual evidence, data, and correct statistics to assist the target audience in understanding the main points.


This speech genre’s main purpose is to inform people of important information about a particular topic.

Entertaining Speech

Entertaining speeches seek to amuse a targeted group of people. Unlike regular speeches, this type is shorter and less formal.

What else?

You can incorporate humor and amusing stories instead of factual data and statistics. Examples of this speech type are presented at birthdays, weddings, or talent events at school.

Demonstrative Speech

Demonstrative speeches educate people about certain topics with the use of visual aids. The visual representation allows the audience to understand the subject in great detail. It could be educating and demonstrating to the public about using a certain product or device.

Persuasive Speech

As the name suggests, persuasive speeches aim to convince people about a specific point of view presented in the speech.

This genre is diverse and covers a wide array of topics:

  • Politics
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Etc.

You must include supporting evidence to persuade the audience to believe your perspective.

Special Occasion Speech

This type of speech genre is unique and doesn’t follow a specific standard. It is tailored to fit the special occasion in question.

It could be:

  • A wedding
  • A birthday
  • A staff party
  • An award ceremony

It aims to communicate a short message within the context of the occasion. Such speeches are clear, concise, upbeat, and interesting. You don’t have to include statistics or data in these speeches.

Debate Speech

Debate speeches are structured and follow specific rules. These speeches are presented during debate shows. You must persuade the audience to believe your opinion about a certain subject matter. Such speeches use factual evidence and statistical data.

📍 How to Make a Speech in 7 Steps

Writing a speech might seem challenging, but you can prepare a great performance with the right approach.

Once again:

The most important aspect of speech preparation is understanding the genre; it helps you know whether your speech is entertaining, informing, persuading, or motivating the right audience.

The picture lists the steps necessary to make a speech.

Below are several steps you can follow to make an effective speech:

#1 Conduct Extensive Research

If you are preparing a formal speech, for instance, persuasive or informative, you must conduct extensive research using credible sources.

Keep in mind:

Your speech should contain factual data and statistics for effective communication. You can get information from books, articles, scholarly journals, or online sources.

#2 Create an Outline

The second step is to create a speech outline.

A standard outline comprises:

A proper outline will guide you in content organization before drafting the speech.

#3 Start with a Hook

The first few sentences of a speech are crucial. You must begin with a hook sentence to capture your audience’s attention.


The introduction can make or break your speech essay. Depending on the speech genre, you can use a striking statement, a funny quote, or an inspiring message.

#4 Include Background Information

Make your speech relevant by connecting it to a broader issue. Adding background information to your speech allows people to understand the topic’s relevance. Ensure you make the introduction short and clear to avoid boring the listeners.

#5 Present the Main Points Logically

After a powerful introduction and contextual explanation, you can now present your points. Write each point clearly and include supporting evidence.

It could be factual data or statistics that further explain the points logically. Each paragraph should contain one point to avoid confusion.

#6 Include Transitions in Your Speech

Don’t forget to add transition words to guide the audience in following each point. Transitions enhance speech flow and assist readers in connecting the main points with ease.

#7 Conclude Your Speech

Finally, end your speech with a compelling thought that stimulates the readers’ minds. You can include a call to action to encourage them to take a desired action, depending on the subject you are covering.

Thank you for reading this article! If you’re looking for a way to structure a speech, check out our outline generator!

❓ Instant Speech Maker FAQ

The fastest way to make a speech is to use an automatic speech maker to generate an effective speech that communicates effectively. You can also use the ChatGPT tool for faster results.

The first step is to establish the primary purpose of your speech and identify the target audience. Start with a hook sentence and share inspiring stories in your speech. Be clear about your message and end with a compelling thought.

The main sections of a speech outline include the introduction, main body, and conclusion. So, ensure you have a clear introductory statement, flowing points, and a thought-provoking conclusion.

Depending on the genre, you can increase speech length by adding more details and supporting evidence in the main points.

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