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🤔 What Is Porter's 5 Forces Analysis?

Porter's 5 Forces is an analysis model used in business. It evaluates the company’s position within an industry through the prism of 5 factors:

  1. Competitive rivalry
  2. The threat of new entrants into the industry
  3. Power of suppliers
  4. Power of buyers
  5. Threat of substitutes
The picture enumerates the forces that constitute Porter's 5 forces framework.

Porter's 5 Forces is handy in developing an efficient management strategy. Moreover, it helps to increase a firm's competitive advantage and optimize operational processes.

📑 Porter's Five Forces Analysis Example

You will understand the 5 Forces analysis even better with an example from our team. Check it out!

Porter Analysis Example for Coca-Cola
Competitive rivalry
  1. Many competitors.
  2. Pepsi is the main competitor.
  3. Cola’s brand reputation is strong.
  4. Loyal customers.
The threat of new entrants
  1. Low entrance barriers to the beverage industry.
  2. New entrants do not threaten Cola because of its popular brand name.
Supplier power
  1. Simple products.
  2. Suppliers can be easily changed.
Buyer power
  1. Customers are loyal to the brand.
  2. Coca-Cola’s revenues directly depend on buyers’ power.
  3. There's an incentive to maintain the quality of products.
Threat of substitutes
  1. Other soda brands.
  2. Juices.
  3. Energy drinks.
  4. Still or carbonated water.

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❓ Porter's 5 Forces Template FAQ

Porter's analysis framework includes the following elements:

  1. Competitive rivalry in the industry
  2. The threat of new entrants
  3. Power of suppliers
  4. Power of buyers
  5. Threat of substitutes

Each of the 5 forces has its influence. In general, they help to evaluate the company's performance through different perspectives. Such in-depth analysis allows managers to develop an effective corporate strategy for a successful company's operation.

Evaluate the company’s position in the industry through the prisms of all five forces. Note down your key takeaways and structure them logically. Our Porter analysis template will help you create a well-designed result.

You need to complete three simple steps:

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  2. Choose the design for your analysis according to your preferences.
  3. Download the result in the required format.

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