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indeed, furthermore, moreover, additionally, in addition, and, also, both something and someone, not only something but also someone, besides something, in fact, whatsmore such as, like, particularly, including, as an illustration, for example, for instance, in particular, to illustrate, especially, notably, in this case, in another case, on this occasion, in this situation, take the case of, to demonstrate, as an illustration considering something, regarding something, in regard to something, as for something, concerning something, the fact that something, on the subject of something similarly, in the same way, by the same token, in like manner, equally, likewise that is (meaning to say), namely, specifically, more precisely, in other words but, however, although, though, equally, by way of contrast, while, on the other hand, (and) yet, whereas, in contrast, (when) in fact, conversely, whereas, nevertheless, on the contrary, by comparison, where, compared to, up against, balanced against, vis a vis, meanwhile, after all even so, nonetheless, nevertheless, even though, on the other hand, admittedly, despite something, notwithstanding something, (and) still, although, in spite of something, regardless, (and) yet, though, granted something regardless, either way, whatever the case, in any/either event, in any/either case, at any rate, all the same above all, indeed, more/most importantly, definitely, extremely, obviously, in fact, in any case, absolutely, positively, naturally, surprisingly, always, forever, perennially, eternally, never, emphatically, unquestionably, without a doubt, certainly, undeniably, without reservation (or) at least, (or) rather, instead, or (perhaps) even, if not therefore, because (of), as a result (of), for this reason, in view of, as, owing to, due to (the fact that), since, consequently, in consequence, as a consequence, hence, thus, so (that), accordingly, so much (so) that, under the/such circumstances, if so (even/only) if/when, on (the) condition that, in the case that, granted (that), provided/providing that, in case, in the event that, as/so long as, unless, given that, being that, inasmuch/insofar as, in that case, in (all) other cases, if so/not, otherwise to, in order to/that, for the purpose of, in the hope that, so that, to the end that, lest, with this in mind, so as to, so that, to ensure (that) first, second, third…, and so forth, next, then, following this, at this time, now, at this point, after, afterward, subsequently, finally, consequently, previously, before this, simultaneously, concurrently, thus, therefore, hence, next, and then, soon in the first place, initially, first of all, to begin with, at first subsequently, previously, eventually, next, before something, afterwards, after something, then to conclude (with), as a conclusion, as a final point, eventually, at last, last but not least, finally, lastly, in brief, on the whole, summing up, in conclusion, as I have shown, as I have said, hence, therefore, accordingly, thus, as a result, consequently, as I have noted, as has been noted to return/returning to, to resume, at any rate as previously stated/mentioned, in summary, as I have argued, overall, as has been mentioned, to summarize, briefly, given these points, in view of, as has been noted, in conclusion, in sum, altogether, in short

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A difficult-to-read text draws attention from the general perception and lowers your grades. Adding transitions to your essay, such as introductions, logical connections between sections, and conclusion transitions, is a good method of dealing with this issue. You can use our smart and automatic transition sentence maker if you need to learn how to write proper and efficient transition sentences. If you're a student struggling with transitions in your academic writing assignments, this free online tool can help you out considerably.

πŸ”’ Transition Sentence Generator: How to Use It?

To use the tool, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Choose what kind of help you want. Do you need to add transitional sentences to your essay, or do you want the tool to provide you with a list of transitions for your case?
  • Paste the text. If you want the tool to add transitions to your text, input the piece in question.
  • Add the data. Choose what kind of transition sentences you need to get a tailored result.

🀩 Transition Sentence Generator: The 5 Benefits

This online transition sentence generator for essays features a range of benefits:

⚑️ AI-powered Being AI-powered, the tool is very smart. It will offer transitions selected to suit your prompt.
πŸŽ“Made for students The transition sentence generator was designed for educational purposes.
πŸ†“ Free You can use the transition generator for free without paying any fee.
😊 User-friendly The instrument features an easy-to-use interface and generates quick results within a few moments.
🌐 Online You can conveniently access this transition sentence generator online.

πŸ–‡ What Are Transition Sentences?

Transition sentences are specialized grammatical tools that help a writer move from one idea to another and demonstrate the relationships and order between ideas.

The picture defines transition sentences.

Transitional sentences serve as transitions between two text sections, helping the reader to perceive information more easily. Though often used interchangeably, they differ from transitional words and phrases.

In what way?

Transition sentences connect major text elements, such as body paragraphs and sections, while transition phrases and words connect sentences within a paragraph.

πŸ“ Transition Sentences: Types & Examples

A strong transitional phrase clarifies the relationship between the linked concepts. It helps you explain your ideas in a straightforward manner that your reader understands is crucial regardless of what you're writing, whether it's a short novel, a blog post, a news item, or a lengthy academic paper.

What else?

The most effective transitional phrase to use in any given scenario depends on the message you wish to convey.

The picture lists the 3 types of transition sentences.

Here are 3 types of transition sentences that you can use to improve your writing.

Transition Sentences within Paragraphs

Generally speaking, the transitional sentences you would use to introduce new paragraphs differ from those used to connect sentences within a paragraph.

Why so?

Because of their limited scope, these sentences are most effective when making a sharp transition, such as when contrasting certain aspects of two ideas rather than the ideas themselves. Transitional sentences within paragraphs are important. Without them, the text will sound disjointed and weird.

❌ A paragraph without transitions: βœ… A paragraph with transitions added:
The summers I spent at my grandparents' lakeside cabin were the happiest days of my youth. I learned how to swim. My grandpa took me to a small, shallow creek where I learned everything I needed to know. I was good at swimming. The most memorable days of my youth were the summers I spent at my grandparents' lakeside cabin. That’s where I learned how to swim. Each afternoon, my grandfather would take me to a small, shallow creek where I could get some practice in the basics of swimming. By the age of eight, I was an accomplished swimmer.

Transition Sentences between Paragraphs

Transition words and phrases can help you write stronger paragraphs, not just individual sentences. Most of the time, the best place for a transition sentence is at the start of a new paragraph.

Why so?

Because that's where you explain how the new information fits in.

Your transition phrase should accomplish two goals:

  • Introduce the topic of the following paragraph
  • Provide context for the issue within the larger context of your piece

Consider the following example of a good transition sentence between paragraphs:

The 1st paragraph We spent the whole day trekking. After a few hours of walking, both my companion and I, along with my dog, started to feel tired. As a result, we stopped to rest more frequently than we had earlier in the journey. But as soon as we saw the summit of the mountain, we felt refreshed and sped up the last part of the climb. We had planned this expedition for months and were finally there.
️The 2nd paragraph with a transition After we had conquered the summit, it was time to figure out the most practical route for descending the mountain. It felt a little anticlimactic because we had spent so much time preparing for the trip and imagining ourselves on top of the highest mountain we had yet to climb. Now that we were there, all I could think about was the fatigue we would experience as we made our way back down and out of the forests as dusk fell.

The use of the word β€œafter" to begin the transition, in this case, establishes a contextual contrast between the main themes in each paragraph. Bear in mind that the transition words and phrases that perform well within paragraphs are not necessarily the types that perform well as transition sentences between paragraphs.

Transition Sentences between Sections

In the same way that transition sentences make it easier to move from one paragraph to the next, they connect bigger portions of your writing. When moving from one section to the next, you may need more than one sentence to make transition effectively. Similar to how paragraph transitions connect ideas within a paragraph, these larger transition sentences and paragraphs connect ideas within your work.

Consider the following transition sentences and how they might be used to take a reader through significant sections of your writing:

The end of the 1st section In 2018, it was evident that we needed to catch up with our competitors in one crucial area: the provision of self-service checkouts. Every other major service center implementing this system has experienced increased sales and store productivity.
Transition After upgrading every service center to the new, completely self-service system, our team is deciding which huge project to execute next year. Certain areas need a lot of work, each with its own set of constraints.
The beginning of the 2nd section Employee retention is an important aspect. Our attrition rate is comparable to that of our competitors, costing the company millions annually in training and other onboarding expenses. A decrease in our turnover rate would reduce this expense, but the extent to which we can bring down our turnover rate is still an open question.

Thank you for reading this article! If you need to work on transition phrases or words in your paper, please check our transition words and transition phrases generators.

❓ Transition Sentence Generator FAQ

Transition sentences serve as a map for the reader to follow throughout the text and convey the author's perspective on the subject matter and the connections between the many facts that are brought up.

One definition of a good transition sentence is one that "clearly establishes the connection between the ideas it links."

There are three types of transition sentences: those within paragraphs, between paragraphs, and those connecting sections.

Using our transition sentence creator for an essay is easy. For starters, paste your text into our free online generator and click the generate button. In a few seconds, your suggested transition sentences will pop up. You can copy and paste your preferred sentences into your work.

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