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    ✅ How to Use Our Nonprofit Vision Generator

    Our free nonprofit vision statement generator is very easy to use. Just follow these steps:

    1. Type in the company’s name.
    2. Describe your organization’s aim. You can add up to 3 points.
    3. Explain how you are going to achieve this aim.
    4. Choose up to 3 words that describe your work best.
    5. Press “Generate” and get a ready-to-go vision statement!

    👁️ Nonprofit Vision Statement Basics

    What Is a Nonprofit Vision Statement?

    A nonprofit vision statement is a short inspirational statement that describes what the organization aims to achieve. Essentially, it outlines the organization's nonprofit's purpose, long-term aspirations, and goals.

    The vision statement is a vital component of a nonprofit's strategic plan and a guiding principle for making decisions and setting goals.

    The picture shows the definition of a nonprofit vision statement.

    Importance of a Vision Statement for Non-Profit Organization

    A solid vision statement is essential for several reasons:

    📍 It allows an organization to identify the steps it needs to take to achieve its goals..

    🧚 It puts the company's values into words, making them clear for the public or staff.

    💸 It plays a vital role in completing the 501(c)(3) application and obtaining tax-exempt nonprofit status.

    ✍️ Writing a Nonprofit Vision Statement Step by Step

    So, how do you write a proper vision statement? Just follow the steps below:

    📌 Step #1. Find information

    Before writing a vision statement, you need to gather everything that can help you. Collect valuable information about the organization's goal, strategy, values, and achievements. If you know anybody who is related to the same area of activity, ask them for help.

    📌 Step #2. Figure out the purpose

    Why was this organization created? What does it do? Answering these questions will help understand the company’s purpose.

    📌 Step #3. Make a vision roadmap

    Start from the end. Imagine that this organization has finally achieved its goal. Now, think of all the steps that must be completed to get there. Then, make it all into a roadmap.

    📌 Step #4. Form a vision statement

    Take your roadmap and convert it into one short and clear sentence. It must fully answer these questions: What problems does this organization solve? How does it solve them?

    We strive to create a world where everyone has the knowledge, resources, and motivation to protect and restore the planet's natural ecosystems for generations to come.
    The picture shows the steps to creating a vision statement.

    🔥 Nonprofit Vision Statement Checklist

    Now, take your results and compare them against this checklist.

    A good vision statement must be:

    • Clear. After reading this statement, everyone should get an idea about what this organization does and how it does that. That's why it's best to avoid random words and professional jargon.
    • Concise. A vision statement should fit into 1 or 2 lines of text, and that’s it. If it's too broad and complicated, consider making it narrower and straight to the point.
    • Inspiring. This point is vital for a nonprofit organization. Its vision statement should inspire its staff and the public to act. Otherwise, no one will fund or promote such a company, and it will eventually vanish.
    • Future-oriented. We all aim for the future in our goals. The same goes for the vision statement. It must be worth striving for and stay relevant at all times.
    • Unique. If an organization wants its vision to catch attention and gain popularity, it's best to stand out from the crowd.

    As you can see, many things are required to make a powerful vision sentence. It may take some time and failed attempts to get the statement right.

    Want to make things easier? Use our free nonprofit vision generator! It will create a perfect unique statement, and you won't need to remember all these details and check if your statement is good enough. Get the right result in seconds!

    📑 Nonprofit Vision Statement Examples

    We’ve covered the writing steps and tips. Now, let's check out some examples!

    “To rescue the mistreated, save the injured, and love the abandoned.” (A pet shelter) As you can see, this vision statement is short, clear, and inspiring all at the same time.
    “To ensure the ability of the earth to nurture life in all its diversity.” ( Once again, this is an excellent example of how a short and straightforward statement can call people to action and provide a great appreciation for a company.
    “Which everyday cancer problem will we fix today?” (Livestrong) This one is controversial. It's not a perfect vision statement, but it certainly draws attention.

    Now you know everything a great vision statement requires. It’s time to make one yourself! Use our free nonprofit vision statement generator to do it quickly and easily. It will create a perfect vision statement in seconds, saving you time and energy.

    We also recommend using our sentence rewriter and summarizer tool to get the best possible results.

    ❓ Non-Profit Organization Vision Generator FAQ

    1. Gather all the information about the company’s final goal.
    2. List the steps that must be completed to achieve that goal.
    3. Convert it into a sentence. Your statement must answer the questions: What problems does this organization solve? How does it solve them?

    Conciseness, ability to inspire, and uniqueness are the pillars of any good nonprofit vision statement. Also, this statement must be future-oriented and clear for everyone. This way, it will receive more positive reactions from society.

    Here's a good example of a vision statement: "To create a world where diversity is celebrated as a strength that enriches our communities and global society." This vision statement is powerful because it paints a vivid picture of the kind of world that the organization wants to create. It is inspirational yet achievable.

    A charity vision statement is formed similarly to any nonprofit vision statement. Here’s an example: "To create a world where every child has access to education, healthcare, and basic needs, regardless of their background." As you can see, this vision statement clearly tells us what the primary goal of this charity organization is.

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