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Our teachers share tons of different information with us, expecting us to keep it all neat and organized in our heads. Is that fair—or even possible?! From now on, you can easily solve the problem of information overload by using our Summarizer online tool to compress any important text into a 10-sentence summary.

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This tool analyzes the textual patterns of any piece to render the best results. You’ll get the gist of any article, essay, research paper or any other text compressed into just a couple of sentences! You can also use this tool to summarize your own papers or custom writing works and to create great abstracts, thesis statements, and more.

❇️ Why Are Summarizing Tools Important?

Today, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks are developing rapidly. So it would be weird not to take advantage of this development by using an online summarizer.

Modern online summarizing tools are capable of delivering a decent result regardless of the text’s complexity and the length of summary you want to get. And the technology just keeps getting better. It’s very rare that you’ll have to revise the text you get from a summary maker.

Why summary making tool is a must-have for students:

  • Because the summary generator delivers a clear structure, the text is easy to digest.
  • If you’re working with a lengthy summary, the article summarizer usually divides the text into meaningful parts and complete paragraphs.
  • Summary tools are also capable of making a smooth transition from general to specific, uncovering the main ideas of the text in more detail.
  • The resulting summary has a good overall readability without additional “information noise,” dangling references, broken-up sentences, or semantic flaws.

✅ Summarizing and Paraphrasing tool: the Benefits

🤖 Automatic The tool automatically highlights the keywords so that you don’t miss them.
⏰️ Instant You just paste the text, push the button, and get your summary in a moment.
💪 Increases productivity You can automatically do routine tasks, leaving more time for important ones.
📙 Boosts study process All you’ll have to do is check the summaries made by the tool.

In other words:

  1. It keeps you from missing any important info from the text.

    An article summarizer can highlight keywords, so you don’t even have to worry about looking for those. The tool scans the text and picks out the most important details. As a result, you’ll get a clear picture of what the text is about—without stressing about whether or not you’ve missed anything.

  2. It delivers instant results.

    How much time does it take you to read through and digest a page? You’ll then spend even more time to write a summary of your own. Let’s say you can finish reading a 500-word article in about 4 minutes. You’ll spend another 10 to 15 minutes writing a short summary. And that’s only if you don’t have to re-read anything!

    A summary tool works instantly. You just paste the text, press the button, and get your summary in a split second.

    You’ll get all the same important data, only much quicker, and without having to read through all the text yourself (which might contain a lot of unimportant stuff, too).

  3. It increases your productivity.

    This one is a result of the previous advantage. Being able to make a summary with a single click allows you to go through way more material.

    For instance, when you’re researching a topic, searching the web can easily take hours and hours. You have to carefully read through each article that might contain some piece of information you need.

    There’s no such task when using a summary generator. It will give you short snippets that are clear and to the point.

  4. It boosts your study process.

    Notes, written answers, and summaries are often the result of study sessions. Being able to produce summaries without having to put in too much effort increases your feeling of accomplishment. All you have left to do is to check out your summaries in order to engage the new material even more and retain the information you’ve gathered.

  5. It can become a vital part of your review sessions.

    It doesn’t matter whether you already have summaries or were just about to make them. A text summarizing tool can still be a huge help when you have to review material to prepare for a test or exam.

    Attempting to skim the text won’t do you any good and will only turn out to be a waste of time. Having a good summary allows you to avoid this unnecessary and time-consuming step and instead get right down to business.

    To memorize the information even better, you can try and interpret the summary in your own words. This way, the material will be more familiar to you. This step will also ensure that the summary has no contextual flaws and that its message is clear.

    Just the fact that you can skip all the steps required to summarize the text or article properly makes an online summarizer an absolute winner in terms of usefulness.

Source Code

All automatic summary tools rely on a certain algorithm to produce the desired result. The way a specific algorithm works is determined by the type of summarization that the tool performs.

📃 3 Types of Summarizing Tools

Conclusion generators can usually perform one of three major summary types:

  1. Extraction-based

    With this type, the article summarizer will extract snippets from the whole text without changing or altering them in any way.

    The process is very similar to extracting key phrases, where the purpose is to find phrases or individual words that could be used as tags for the text or document.

    In other words, an extraction-based summary generator copies the most important information from the source text and puts the pieces together to create a summary.

  2. Abstraction-based

    This type of summary is more advanced than the extraction-based type. It involves paraphrasing the parts of text you initially input into the summarizer tool.

    Generally speaking, tools that can perform this type of summarization do a much better job of condensing the source text, bringing results that are superior to those of extraction-based summarizers.

    The only downside is that it’s much more difficult to develop such summary machine. The main reason for this is that in order to work properly, paraphrasing and summarizing tool requires natural language generation technology. This field is continuously growing, and there have been attempts to create an abstract synopsis capability that’s similar to what we as humans have. But for now, the majority of summary generating tools remain extraction-based.

  3. Aided summarization

    This type comes as the result of merging findings from the fields of machine learning, text mining, and information retrieval in an attempt to improve the process of automatic summary generation.

    This is an obvious step away from fully automatic summarizers towards a slightly different concept. Instead of being a summary generator that does the entire job itself, machine-aided human summarization systems only provide help in the process. For instance, they can highlight passages that could potentially be included in a summary.

    On the other hand, human-aided machine summarization systems act in a reverse manner. They generate a summary on their own so that the result can later be processed by a human.

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless. It’s only a matter of further developments in the field that will bring automatic text summary creation to the next level.

    But for now, a free online summarizer has already proven its usefulness.

    If you’re short on time, have a ton of essays and research papers that will take you forever to complete, or just don’t feel like sitting for hours trying to capture the main idea from a lengthy text—be sure to try a free summarizer. It’ll make writing summaries much more effortless and save you extra time to spend on the things that are really important to you.

❓ Paragraph Shortener FAQ

To create an original summary, follow these tips:

  • Read the article several times to have a clear idea of its content
  • Inspect the introduction, find the thesis statement and rephrase it
  • Write down the article’s key points and phrases so as not to forget them
  • Compose your summary without peeking at the source text, relying only on your notes
  • Cite all the sources used

Alternatively, you can use our online tool, which creates summaries of source texts automatically.

To shorten a paragraph, cut the unnecessary or redundant information. Your paragraph should contain only one idea, outlined in an introductory sentence. Make sure to elaborate on it in 2 to 3 sentences, cutting out phrases or ideas t that deviate from the core subject.

Then, eliminate words that don’t add any value to the text, stating the obvious or excessive information. Get rid of unnecessary determiners and modifiers and cut repetitive phrases or words.

To create a summary, you need to divide the research paper into key sections and elaborate on each one. You then compose a brief overview of everything that’s crucial in the document.

In your summary, include the following parts:

  • An introduction, in which you engage the reader in your study
  • An explanation of the hypothesis, or purpose of your research
  • Description of the methods used
  • A review of the results that ties directly to the hypothesis
  • A conclusion in which you outline your interpretation of the results and plans for future study

Yes, of course! There are plenty of summary makers available in the App Store or Google Play. Furthermore, you can find some great summarizing tools online that don’t require payment or registration. Or use our automatic summary generator above to get an original summary of your text.

You can use our free summarizer to create a summary of an article. You don’t have to download it on your computer or pay a subscription or fee to use it.. Just follow these simple instructions and get your summary online:

  1. Copy and paste your text (up to 17.000 characters long) in the available space
  2. Choose how long you would like the summary to be
  3. Indicate whether you want to see keywords
  4. Click the “Analyze text” button and get your summary online!