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👔 What Is PESTEL Analysis?

A PESTEL analysis is a framework designed for the strategic evaluation of the environment in which a company operates. The letters PESTEL correspond to the analyzed factors: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal.

The picture enumerates the factors analyzed withing the PESTEL framework.

Companies use the PESTLE framework to develop a strategic management plan, come up with innovative market initiatives, allocate finances, and minimize risks. A good PESTEL analysis ensures a smooth and profitable operation of businesses.

🗂️ PESTLE Framework Factors

Let's examine each of the PESTEL components more closely:

  • Political factors are governmental activities that intersect with business.
  • Economic factors reflect the financial nature of a business and directly impact an organization’s performance.
  • Social factors are associated with people’s approach to life, work, and leisure.
  • Technological factors offer innovative ways of production, distribution, and promotion of goods and services.
  • Environmental factors are difficult to control. Yet, they affect companies’ activities and encourage sustainable operation.
  • Legal factors, like licenses and permits, are essential for a firm’s smooth and efficient performance.

📑 PESTEL Framework Template Example

Below you will find a PESTEL framework template that will help you to have a clearer understanding of the analysis.

  • Tax policy
  • Labor laws
  • Trade regulations

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Start your analysis by gathering information about the firm's business environment. Focus on 6 factors: political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal. Identify the takeaways for each aspect, and organize your ideas. Our PEST software will help you to get a well-structured result!

PESTEL and PESTLE stand for the same concept. The only difference is in the order of the last two letters. Thus, in the first version, the environmental factors are followed by legal, while in the second version, it's the other way around.

As a result of conducting a PESTEL analysis, you will get a complete overview of a company's position in the business environment. Also, you will have a clear vision of what external forces affect the firm's operation.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert the information into the corresponding fields.
  2. Select the preferred design (chart, table diagram, etc.) and colors
  3. Download the file in the needed format (Word, PDF, JPG, or PNG.)

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